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1. "How to paraglide" (book) by Fred Karbstein, BLV Sportpraxis Top, BLV Verlagsgesellschaft M√ľnchen, 1996 Seite 10, Absch. 7:
In 1976 the Strasilla Brothers and Andrea Kuhn did their first gliding flights with a pulling chute that was still made of parachute silk.

This is incorrect!
In fact we had been gliding and flying with canopies made of spinnaker fabric since 1972.

s. > Publications >Magazines > "Weisser Stein"

by Rasso Knoller, Michael Stritzke, Reise Know-How Verlag Peter Rump GmbH, Bielefeld, 1. Auflage 2003 Seite 8, Absch. 3: That did not change until the mid-1980s when a couple of crazy Swiss guys threw themselves down
toward the ground with upgraded bed sheets

This is incorrect!
Instead of bed sheets, my brother and I actually used the Skywing made of
airproof spinnaker fabric in the 1970s. S. professional journal... ; also s. "The Crazy History of Paragliding" by Xavier Murillo.

The Skywing piloted by Andrea Kuhn at the 1985 Coup de Saleve where he beat all international competitors and won first prize in the duration flight contest.

My suggestion for improvement: adopt the wording of the "Deutsches Museum": DHV Paragliding and Kitesurfing in Germany: History of... the most well-known (of them) are probably the German Strasilla Brothers who currently live in Switzerland; along with Andrea Kuhn (Switzerland) they have used pulling parachutes to...
s. >
s. > Museum > Schweizer Museum

3. Incorrect publications on the internet, e.g. in "The Chronicle of Paragliding"
1980: D. Strasialle registers the patent for the Skywing steering rod. He goes back up Altesch Glacier in tow, makes camp under his canopy at the peak and eventually flies down on the other side.

In fact, he had patents registered in 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1988 and so on...

Flying was more of a minor matter. Since flying was known through delta-flying, we focused on working on the gliding characteristics. In the beginning we would wrap the parachute after having sailed up the mountain and go back down on skies. Later on we just swiftly flew down which became more and more fun with the improvement of the aerodynamics.

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